What to Do Should Your Heat Pump Stop Working

Heat Pump Inspection

Heat pumps are increasingly becoming common in many homes today as most people upgrade into varieties that can function as AC units. Just like any other pieces of equipment, heat pumps break down with prolonged usage and particularly where they remain uninspected for long. Understanding how your heat pumps works, can go along way into helping you troubleshoot whenever your it starts behaving in an abnormal manner.

A heat pump can function in two ways; as a heater and as an AC. This is great as it lowers your operation and maintenance cost, but at the same time this means whenever it breaks down, it causes you double trouble. During winter, Florida can become extremely cold and this necessitates the service of a powerful heating system.

Things That May Cause Heat Pump Malfunctioning

There are various factors that can cause your heat pump to stop working. As such, they require careful inspection to locate and resolve them.

Circuit Breaker

Almost every heat pump nowadays comes with a circuit breaker. This is important to prevent heat pump damage due to system overload. When the electric current surges over and beyond what the system can bear, it disconnects and hence prevents other systems within the heat pump from damage. However, when the circuit breaker fuse gets blown up, the working of the entire heat pump system is interfered with and hence the need for replacement

Dirty filter

When the filter becomes clogged, it makes it difficult for the heat pump to heat up your home or cool it down to the expected levels. Check your filters for dirt and dust. Disposable filters must be replaced once per month while the washable one must be cleaned and replaced within the dame timeframe. When dirt gets into your heat pump exchanger coils, it significantly lowers their effectiveness.

Leaking Refrigerant

A refrigerant is the lifeblood of the heat pump system. Being the liquid that runs through the coils to absorb or deliver heat into your indoor space, it is supposed to run at optimum levels. Inadequate refrigerant levels due to leakages make the cooling and heating function of the heat pump ineffective and may even grind to a halt.

Airflow Blockage

Depending on the location and exposure of the heat pump outdoor unit piles of leaves, shrubs and other debris may block the system and particularly the airflow. This is sufficient to bring the system into a halt.

There is a possibility that after the troubleshooting, some problems may still persist. This is where the services of a professional HVAC company come in. Their full knowledge of the entire system helps them to quickly identify and repair the heat pump. Where the refrigerant requires recharging, they will be able to do that through expert eyes.

It is always important as a rule of thumb to deal with heat pump problems while they are still small than wait until they have graduated into major problems. This is because they will cost you money and also interfere with the comfort of your family.