Should You Swap Your portable Heater with a Ductless Heating System

Heating systems are very important particularly in cold areas where winter can immobilize activities within the home. When it comes to heating systems, most homeowners invest in systems based on their personal preferences or the advice of family, friends or in some cases HVAC experts. Whatever the case, any heating system that you install in your home should be able to serve you fully without leaving some parts unattended. However, it is understood that the budget may be a little bit constrained hence settling for lower level heating systems that can only heat a particular space in your house at any one given time.

A portable heating system is an example of a heating unit that can only heat a given space of your house at one time. Understanding the features of these heating systems is important because then you can make an informed decision on whether you should invest in a ductless heating system or a portable heater.

Ductless Heating System

A ductless mini split system refers to a heating unit that provides both cooled and heated air to a specific area of your house even when a ductwork doesn’t exist. The system is mainly composed of one or more air handlers installed in your home, a condenser which is kept outdoor and a conduit that connects the two units. The ductless heating system operates by transferring heat. During winter, the system extracts heat from outside air and channels it inside your home. During summer, the reverse happens where heat is extracted from your indoor air and channeled outside.

The advantages of a duct mini split are that it allows you to provide different levels of cooling or heating to different areas in your home. Since zoning your heating and cooling needs isn’t possible where you have only a single air handler, some of these systems are equipped with more than one air handler to allow each room to have its own temperature level.

Portable Heating System

These systems come in different sizes and provide heating to the area directly around the heating unit. They are usually powered by electricity, propane, kerosene or natural gas. It’s possible to use one or a number of space heaters to continually warm a room where there is no ductwork. However, the common practice has been portable heaters being used to heat small areas for short periods of time. The best portable heating system for your home should have a thermostat for temperature regulation as well as an underwriter’s laboratory seal.

Can a Ductless Heating System Replace a Portable Heater?

As seen in the discussion above, a ductless mini split has a myriad of advantages compared to a portable heater. It can heat and cool at the same time as well as provide heat that is far more comfortable compared to a space heater. If your budget allows, a ductless heating system is the best choice.