Pool Heating Repair

Air Conditioning Coconut Creek pool heating repair specialists are among the most skilled and experienced in Coconut Creek. With years of market-oriented product development behind us, we offer a wide range of service plans that guarantee pool owners fully functional pools throughout the year. There is nothing as soothing as a warm pool during winter and that is what we at Air Conditioning Coconut Creek endeavor to give all the customers.

Before undertaking any pool heating repair process, it is our policy to inspect and diagnose the problem then give an upfront quote that is first and final. With our elaborate explanations and alternate pool heating repair solutions, you can rest assured our services will fit your budget.
Every pool heating installation and repair service we carry out bears our seal of integrity, quality and professionalism. We are committed into bringing your pool back to health today!

Pool Heating Installation

Our technicians undergo a regular in-house training to bring them up to speed with industry changes and new pool heating products. What this means is, the moment they step into your premises for pool installation, there is absolutely no component that is foreign to them. The manner in which we install your pool heating system guarantees you efficiency and a longer useful life. We shall walk with you right from the beginning and where necessary advise you on the right heating system for your pool. We install all types of pool heaters in the market.

When comparing pool heating systems, there are certain decision points you need to consider. Some of the key points include:

  • The Heating Capacity- this determines the temperature and the length of time taken to heat the pool. For solar heating systems, the capacity is measures by the collector area and expressed as a percentage of the surface area of the pool. Gas heaters and heat pumps on the other hand are rated by energy input and heat output respectively.
  • The Type of Heating –Settling for gas or electricity as your source of heat will be determined mainly by the availability and the cost element. Many pool owners are increasingly moving towards solar heating because of its convenience and cost.

Pool Heating Repair and Maintenance

Pool  Heating Repair Technician

Other than the installation, we also appreciate your heating systems undergo wear and tear as well as technical failures. The last thing we want as a locally owned and managed company is to see our customers suffer because of pool heating breakdowns. Our heating repair services are thorough and very professional. We have state-of-the–art equipments that we use to diagnose the problems before addressing them. We do not double guess; we are sure of what we do.


We repair all types of pool heating systems including solar heaters, gas heaters, electric heat pumps and electric elements. Our experts work on a 24/7 basis including weekends and public holidays. We have also invested in a fleet of vehicles to aid our mobility around Coconut Creek. This ensures every repair service call is attended to swiftly.

The Pool Heating Brands We Service

There are many pool heating brands in the market today. Our experience has taught us that our customers have varying tastes and preferences and this is why we have widened our service net to include as many brands as possible. Among the brands we professionally handle include:

At Air Conditioning Coconut Creek we aim to be the best in everything we do and this includes the quality of service we give to our customers.

We welcome you to share with us your pool heating experiences so that together we can see how we can partner to ensure you get the maximum benefit possible from your pool.