Benefits of HVAC Maintenance Plans over Home Warranties

MaintenanceHeating and air conditioning problems are part of the experiences homeowners go through with their HVAC systems. Preventing these issues from coming up is somewhat difficult but you can prepare for them in advance. You can either have a HVAC maintenance plan or make an arrangement to cover your system with a home warranty company. The latter has been seen to be quite ineffective especially when your system malfunctions and you want same day service. Depending on the nature of your repairs, it could cost you much more over and above your warranty coverage.

On the other hand, a HVAC maintenance plan offers faster response times, cost savings, as well as reduction in stress when dealing with a faulty unit. Below are some top 5 benefits maintenance plans have over home warranties.

HVAC Checkups and Cleaning

Most maintenance plans have a semi-annual inspection routine where they also clean your system to ensure it is running properly. This is very important because a well-cared for system will give you a much longer service than one which is neglected. These services are not part of home warranties, yet when you fail to do maintenance, a home warranty company may deny warranty claims stating that the breakdown was due to negligence and poor maintenance.

Discounted HVAC Parts and Repairs

Maintenance plans come with discounts that can save you lots of money during repairs and replacement jobs. These come as an incentive so that you subscribe to the plans. Home warranties on the other hand limit the things they can fix and also require payment in advance before repairs are undertaken.

Reduced Utility Bills

While a home warranty company is strictly focused on ensuring you get repair and replacement services on your unit, a maintenance plan goes ahead to give you tune ups which are instrumental in making your system efficient which by extension means savings on your monthly energy bills. According to studies, undertaking regular tune ups can help your unit maintain over 95% of its original efficiency.

Priority Scheduling for Repairs

During emergencies, maintenance plans have provisions where the contractor dispatches a team immediately to sort out your problem whether it is day, night or on weekends. This is unheard of in home warranty and you may end up staying for days without receiving service on your troubled unit.

Trustworthy Services

Maintenance plans have the advantage that you deal with a company you have personally selected and you trust. In the case of home warranties, you do not have the mandate to decide the repair company that will be sent your way to service your unit. Because contractors under home warranties look at other opportunities to raise their revenue, they may charge you heftily.

Protect your AC system with an annual maintenance plan that gives you an effective, but low cost way compared to a home warranty plan.