Are Pets Making Your Energy Bills Skyrocket?

pets hvacMost households consider pets as family members and a source of joy and comfort. However, it may not have occurred to you that pets can be expensive to maintain particularly with regards to energy.


While the focus of many homeowners is the veterinary care and food these pets need, utility bills should also be considered because they are a major component of the equation.

A Warm Environment for Pets

According to a research on the behavior of homeowners with respect to pets revealed that many of them keep the heat turned on as well as television and radio so as to keep their pets comfortable and entertained while away. With cold winters and warm summers, pet owners may use astronomical amounts paying for HVAC expenses just to keep their pets happy.

According to the poll, 50% of dog owners and 40% of cat owners heated their homes more than they would otherwise do with a quarter of the pet owners leaving their radios on to entertain their pets. Younger people with ages of between 18 and 24 were twice as likely to keep the heat on compared to those aged 55 and above. 64% of men admitted that they occasionally turn on the heat for their dogs compared to 44% of women.

Paying Attention to Animal Behavior

Following the above revelation, the question of whether it is necessary to pay higher HVAC bills just to keep your pets comfortable arises.

According to experts from both HVAC fields and animal-related professions, paying attention to your animal’s behavior can save you much in heating and ventilation. For instance, cats naturally gravitate to warmer areas such as heating vents and sunny windows. This regulates their body temperature without the need for you to crank up the heat. On the other hand, dogs are biologically equipped to handle lower temperatures comfortably compared to humans.

There are lots of things you can do to ensure your pets are comfortable even in your absence without incurring unnecessary costs in HVAC. One of the cheapest ways is to invest in a timer. This will allow you to put the radio on say for about half an hour as you leave your home and this will make your pet be entertained and thereafter learn how to entertain itself without you feeling guilty and worrying about them. This same thing applies for heating and cooling.

Your pet is smart enough to know where the warm or cool spots in your house are located. One thing you must also realize is that pets are designed for outdoors and hence you should draw a line on how far you can go to accommodate their needs indoors.

That being said, it is human to have a soft spot for pets and to go an extra mile to give them a self-space that is sheltered from extreme heat and cold as well as wind and rain. If you want any work to be done to keep your HVAC system optimized for you and your pet, get in touch with a HVAC specialist.